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Fire Keepers

Fire is essential for life, providing warmth for comfort, heat for cooking, the ability to purify water for drinking, and giving light for your camp. Learn the science behind fire, effective choosing and preparation of materials, various methods of starting a flame, and also, proper maintenance and safety. A fire challenge will conclude the class, putting your newfound skills to the test.  

Wild Child Weekends

A condensed version of Bushcraft Kids, these one day, 4 hour courses cover the basics of connecting children to nature and introducing them to a variety of wilderness skills. Topics covered are determined by the season. Classes occur the first Saturday of each month.

Bushcraft Kids

Now more than ever kids need nature. Studies show that children with a connection to nature are healthier physically, emotionally, and mentally. This weeklong summer camp will provide children a well-rounded foundation in wilderness skills, including primitive fire making, bird identification, shelter building, animal tracking, etc.  



Explore Nature

Listen closely. Nature is calling your name.

In today's high technological world, we have unknowingly allowed certain things to slip away. Nature connection and wilderness skills are two of those things. Give yourself the opportunity to break free, if only for a little while, and join me to see what nature has to teach you.