A place to learn.

Growing up in rural central Ohio, Kevin "Hawk" Dean fell in love with the backwoods behind his childhood home. He taught himself the basics of woodland camplife by immersing himself in that mixed hardwood forest. His connection to nature at a young age set the tone for the years that followed.  After graduating from college with a degree in Natural Resources, Kevin became a mountain guide in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia; hiked the entire 2,100 Appalachian Trail; was employed for several years as a park ranger; spent a summer hitchhiking Alaska; and lived in Canada's Yukon Territory learning traditional skills from the Kaska Dena First Nation.


Over the years, Kevin realized one thing, people need to reconnect with nature and relearn wilderness skills so long forgotten. Which brings us to Tawodi Nature School. Established by Kevin in an effort to present a foundation of knowledge applicable to people of all ages, the school is centered around a love and respect for the wilderness and how we can gently utilize its provisions.


Join us as we take the tinder bundle of your lives and kindle a flame of awareness and know-how, resulting in woodsmen and woodswomen with minds attuned and spirits enriched.